Tracking your client’s or competitor’s hiring

I have been trialling different tools for tracking when a competitor or client posts a job, and the best one seems to be  It works by crawling a website’s pages and comparing differences every 24 hours (or hourly, if you want).  We always set the target to the careers page URL which is the relevant page for us. What’s nice is it emails you and shows you the changes and click-through to show a side-by-side comparison.

At Kandidate we now get notified when one of our clients has posted a new role.  For candidates this could be useful when that company you love posts the role you’ve been looking for.

Versionista offers a 30-day free trial and then free monitoring for up to 5 URLs or $19 per month for up to 20 URLs, which seems pretty fair.  It offers hourly monitoring and instant email notification.

Example above for one of our clients, showing the changes on the careers page over 24 hours.  Send me your thoughts on other ways to use versionista @alexvank

Alex van Klaveren

Kandidate, 73 Grafton Rd, Flat 3, London, NW5 4BB, United Kingdom