Bitfury Made 2 Key Hires and Saved €15K in Just Two Months

“You are doing a great job, no questions about your services. But we entered a so-called “crypto winter” and our CEO asked to cut all possible costs asap. I really enjoy how our processes are structured and as soon as the market gets better, I’d be happy to restart a conversation about renewing our work together. You were amazing and did much more than I expected. I was really impressed with how quickly and perfectly you adjusted to new roles and handled role prioritization. If it was up to me, we would continue working together.”

- Anton Bandurin, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

August 2022

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Number of Hires



2 months

Average Time to Hire

28 days

Money Saved


About Bitfury

Bitfury is a full-service Blockchain and Bitcoin company based in the Netherlands. With around 500-1000 employees, Bitfury is the largest infrastructure provider in the ecosystem. It develops and deploys the necessary software and hardware for creating, storing, and moving digital assets. With a total of $170 million raised in six funding rounds – with the latest round being in 2018 – Bitfury Group is the world’s leading full-service blockchain technology company.

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The Challenge

When we started working together, Bitfury had only one recruiter who managed everything from sourcing to screening calls and interview scorecards. This lack of capacity blocked them from position deep-dive, obstructing them from reaching the best talent in the market, as well as drive sufficient volume into their talent pipelines.

In addition, these roadblocks created a ton of delays for both the candidates and the company. On top of that, the availability of talent in a sphere like this was also a significant challenge. 

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The Kandidate Solution

With an Embedded Approach, our ESP was able to inculcate a fully streamlined process of sourcing and screening in the company. Not only that, but we also managed their ATS and discussed exhausted talent pools and candidates’ feedback with them. With this, we were able to create an increased sense of awareness among the management for the open positions. 

Promoting their high-tech, global, and inclusive work environment was our priority. We established their Employer Brand and an EVP as a company that aims to create a safe and secure digital future. 

The Result

During our two-months long collaboration, we were able to fill/work on the following roles: 

  1. FP&A Manager 
  2. QA Engineer (Manual+ Automation) 
  3. Python Developer (senior+mid) (Hired)
  4. QA Manual Engineer (Hired)
  5. Software Development Project Manager 
  6. Business Development Representative (Offer Stage)
  7. Technical Writer 
  8. Senior Global Benefits Specialist/Consultant 
  9. UX/UI Designer 

These openings were in two countries – Estonia and Armenia. We managed to source strong candidates for all these roles – with an average of 200 candidates per job role. 

Factoring in the Kandidate’s fixed-price charges, Bitfury saved a total of around 15k EUR.