How Kandidate helped Hurdle (previously Chronomics) save £500k with the Kandidate Method

It was a pleasure working with Kandidate! They helped us to make some critical hires for the business over the 10 months that we worked together. Thank you Kandidate!

- Salim Cherkaoui, Global Head of Talent

September 2022

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Number of Hires



10 months

Average Time to Hire

35 days

Money Saved


About Hurdle

Hurdle (previously Chronomics) is a London-based AI-powered biotech company that provides its clients with access to a ‘bio-infrastructure’ that helps them simplify and speed up the use of biomarkers – improving their everyday decisions. Hurdle partners with high-impact organisations from diverse verticals ranging from skincare to telehealth, sleep to managing menopause, travel to multivitamins – and many more – to transform the way they diagnose, personalise, and evaluate their products/services.

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The Challenge

The growth in health-tech and biotech startups after the pandemic has been tremendous – and Hurdle is no exception. With the ambition to penetrate the global market and expand its reach internationally in countries including the US, Germany, Spain, India, Serbia, and Ireland – Hurdle needed to build candidate pipelines that can serve as the engine for this growth. The global expansion required the company to hire people from diverse cultures – and ensuring proper employer branding in a situation like this is more challenging than it seems.

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The Kandidate Solution

From July 2021 to May 2022 – Kandidate filled over 62 roles, including operations managers, financial controllers, BI analysts, engineering managers, and a Vice President People. The average time to hire per role was 35 days – which is quite a score.
Because the company needed to hire people from over five countries, the speed at which we built the pipeline is remarkable. At the end of our engagement, the client had a talented team and a pipeline of incredible candidates that will ensure sustainable growth for the company.

In addition to placements, Kandidate also helped the client with employer branding and established DEI committees in the company.

The Result

Using our services, Hurdle saved over £880k in agency fees in 11 months of engagement. Within those 11 months, Hurdle filled over 62 roles including:

Operations Managers
Senior Software Engineers
Business Intelligence Analysts
Financial Controller
Commercial Director Growth
Associate Director Strategy
Associate Director Success
VP People

The total cost savings for Hurdle – factoring in the Kandidate’s fees, was over £500k.

Kandidate left Hurdle with a VP of People and a pipeline of incredible candidates that will serve as the growth engine for the company in the future.