ContentCal Reduced Agency Fees by £150,000 with The Kandidate Method

I have worked with Daniele for just over 2-months and found her to be very professional, positive and adaptable – even in the face of several changes! An absolute pleasure to work with!

- Chris Woodburn, Customer Success Director, ContentCal

December 2021

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Number of Hires

17 hires


6 months

Average Time to Hire

18 days per hire

Money Saved


About ContentCal

ContentCal is a social media and content planning company whose products are creator-centric (as opposed to organisation-centric). Its tools help creatives automate and execute their content marketing and publishing campaigns with minimal time and effort – liberating smaller businesses and individuals, as well as big brands, from execution so that users can focus on strategy and creation instead. Additional services range from scheduling, multi-platform integration and customer engagement and service to data and performance analysis. A forthcoming product uses machine learning (A.I.) to “cut the time it takes to create content by up to 90%”.

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The Challenge

Prior to Adobe’s acquisition of ContentCal announced December 2021, the company needed to boost its recruitment numbers, as well as fill a number of essential director-level positions, as rapidly as possible. The company confronted not only serious time pressure but also the hardship of hiring well during a difficult year for the recruiting market. 2022, by the way, promises to be no easier than 2021, according to Kandidate. The aim being to reinforce the company structure and augment its staff in anticipation of the pending Adobe acquisition.

Embedded Talent Partner

The Kandidate Solution

Kandidate filled 17 positions at ContentCal, in record time. This amounts to around 3 offers a month, which was quite an achievement considering the marketplace. Even more of an accomplishment, given the seniority of the hires and the typically lengthy process of filling such roles, was the hiring of Directors of Customer Success and of Sales within a mere 6 weeks. We also succeeded in recruiting 3 truly top tech talents: quite the score, considering their scarcity in the current market. Going forward, Kandidate remains on standby to hire more tech talent and fulfil ContentCal’s increasing quotas now that Adobe is acquiring the firm. This deal is due to close by the end of fiscal Q1, 2022.

Additionally, Kandidate instituted a fully operational Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for ContentCal within the narrow time frame, providing the firm with a comprehensive system including templates and data management functions. The system has already banked a talent pool of no less than 1,345 candidates who have applied or interviewed at ContentCal – an internal resource which will serve the company well into the future as its hiring needs continue to expand, not least following Adobe’s imminent capital injection.

The Result

Using the Kandidate Method, we helped ContentCal save £78,000 in potential agency fees within just 6 months of engagement. This figure doesn’t include any hires post-January 2022, including another offer scheduled to go out in the near term.

Roles included:

  • Customer Support Account Manager
  • Customer Support Executive
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Sales Administrator
  • Sales Development Representative

The financial benefit to ContentCal, factoring in the fees for using Kandidate, amounted to a saving of £78k for ContentCal.

Looking ahead, Kandidate is confident that ContentCal and similar players will consider using our services again. Our confidence stems not only from our proven Talent Partner model but also from our newly formed SaaS Sourcing model, a Kandidate creation which has seen some incredible success since launching.