Founders Factory Hire a CEO, with Kandidate

“Jelena has been (and still is) massively helping us make progress on our hiring priorities which we are very grateful for!”

- Raluca Ciobancan, Head of Talent - Founders Factory

August 2022

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Number of Hires



1 month

Average Time to Hire

28 days

Money Saved


About Founders Factory

Founders Factory is a global corporate-backed venture studio and accelerator. With over 200 cutting-edge tech startups in its portfolio, Founders Factory is one of the world’s leading Venture Studios and Accelerators. Their partners include large corporations including Standard Chartered Bank, Marks and Spencer, L’Oréal, Guardian Media Group, and EasyJet. With the combined capital and bespoke support from these corporates and a few other prominent investors – Founders Factory provides an incredible service for their portfolio companies.

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The Challenge

Founders Factory operates in an industry driven by change. The startup accelerator and venture studio have a diverse portfolio of companies – and the current volatility in the talent market has affected most of them. Due to the scarcity in the supply of talent for C-level positions at the startups, Founders Factory had a large number of vacant roles. They also needed someone to source a candidate pipeline that ensures the sustainable inflow of talent for their startups. 

Since most of the roles were executive-level, Founders Factory needed someone with relevant industry experience in hiring at these levels. They needed to fill these roles in the UK, Germany, and the US. Therefore, international exposure was an absolute necessity for achieving better results. 

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The Kandidate Solution

Within one month, we were able to source and place a CEO for one of thier startups – Ohana. We also worked on other CEO positions at other startups in the portfolio. In addition, Kandidate also sourced enough candidates for the three talent partners at Founders Factory and booked them with calls a month ahead. 

The average number per pipeline for the roles sourced is over 70. Given the current market situation for startups, this number is a remarkable success. 

The Result

Using our services, Founders Factory saved over £18,000 in agency fees in only one month. Within that one month, Kandidate worked on filling the following roles:

  • CEOs for three of its startups
  • Talent Partner
  • Talent Lead
  • Venture Designer

Founders Factory has one hire which was sourced by one of our Talent Partners. The other roles are still in the hiring process.