Housekeep save £30k in unwanted Recruiter fees, with Kandidate

“Kat, thanks for your hard work helping us get to our first accepted offer, and I’m looking forward to many more.”

- Chris Conn, Head of Technology at Housekeep

November 2022

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Number of Hires



3 months (ongoing)

Average Time to Hire

60 days

Money Saved


About Housekeep

Housekeep is a modern-day solution to your housekeeping and cleaning needs. It is a London-based startup bridging the gap between tradespeople and households. With over a million dollars in seed funding, Housekeep is a promising startup in an underserved market.

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The Challenge

The biggest HR challenges for Housekeep before partnering up with Kandidate were low response rates and low interview-to-offer conversion rates. Technical roles at Housekeep were the toughest in this regard. 

On top of that, navigating the increasingly challenging labour market in the UK was another problem. As Embedded Talent providers, our job was to find quality candidates fast. 

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The Kandidate Solution

To start with, we revised the approach to candidate outreach – making it more effective and broad in terms of channels. We increased the number of platforms used to source candidates. 

To solve the low interview-to-offer ratio problem, we standardised the technical task part of the selection process. In addition, we also ensured bringing in a higher volume of quality candidates into the pipeline so that more choices were at hand.

The Result

Using our services, Housekeep saved over £30,000 in agency fees during the three-month-long engagement (which is, at the time of publication, ongoing). During that period, Kandidate sourced and filled the following roles: 

  • Frontend Engineer
  • Software Engineer (late-stage interview)
  • Customer Retention Executive (late-stage interview)

Our partnership with Housekeep is still going and will hopefully continue for an extended period. In addition to sourcing and recruiting help, we helped Housekeep set up accounts on platforms such as Recruitee, Cord, Otta, and Angelrecruit. 

We also contacted hiring agencies Housekeep worked with to ensure the hiring of quality talent. At the end of our engagement, the client had a Careers page up and running – and an extensive talent pipeline built for future openings.