How Ember Made Four Key Hires Within Two Months, With Kandidate

“It’s been really productive so far and we’ve got some really great candidates through thanks to Kat! Experience with both Kat and Marija has been amazing and really productive.”

- Aaron Shaw, CEO, and Co-founder, Ember.

August 2022

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About Ember

Ember is a London-based fintech startup aiming to digitise and automate the complete accounting and tax filing processes for SMEs. With the use of sophisticated machine learning technologies and open banking channels, Ember is revolutionising how small businesses approach their accounting, reporting, and tax submission. It provides them with a one-stop solution, from recording bank transactions to filing their tax returns. 

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The Challenge

Before our collaboration, Ember struggled to fill some key roles at the C-level for six months. The scarcity in the talent market for fintech particularly, and startups generally, made it more difficult for them to fill the non-conventional roles such as the Head of Partnerships. 

At a time when their internal talent function was not mature enough, and they recently received their seed investment – they needed a solution that could help them scale effectively. In a globally competitive fintech market, and at a time when small businesses were having difficulty in attracting great talent – any unnecessary delay in hiring for key roles was not something they wanted. 

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The Kandidate Solution

Our primary focus was to increase the speed and quality of the key hires they had previously struggled to make. We were open in our approach and transparent in all information if candidates displayed interest. Through our outreach messages, we made the recent growth of the company clear to the employees and shared the benefits they could get if they decided to join. Our transparent and open approach helped us yield extraordinary results for Ember. 

On average, we sourced 169 candidates per pipeline for the roles we worked on/filled. In addition, we conducted a consultative session with them related to a successful recruitment process after their internal recruiter joined the team. 

The Result

With teamwork and excellent back-and-forth communication with Ember, we managed to hire the Head of Partnerships (a role they struggled to fill for six months) within only five weeks! 

In addition, during our five-week long engagement, we filled the following roles: 

  • Head of People – London
  • Sales Account Manager – London
  • Tech Lead – Estonia

In addition to the above roles we places, we also supported with the following roles: 

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Brand and Content Lead
  • Senior Fullstack Developer