How Kandidate Helped Jiminny Hire 15 Candidates & Save Over £104,000 in Recruiter Fees

Thanks for the great work Kandidate team; we enjoyed working with Nic so much we hired him as our VP of Talent & People!

- Tom Lavery, CEO & Founder

July 2022

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Number of Hires



6 months

Average Time to Hire


Money Saved


About Jiminny

Jiminny is a London-based Conversation Intelligence startup that helps sales teams thrive. Jiminny records, transcribes, and analyses the calls and meetings of your sales teams, enabling you to gain a deeper insight into your team’s performance. Their SaaS model helps you fast track your team’s development, harmonise them across the business, gain end-to-end pipeline visibility, and boost motivation and retention in your business. 

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The Challenge

In an ever more competitive hiring market, hiring for commercial roles is becoming increasingly difficult. In addition to market conditions, Jiminny didn’t have any dedicated People/Talent person in their team, so Jiminny’s primary challenge was managing all the hiring that was required for them to hit their hiring goals. The absence of a talent function in Jiminny required us to go the extra mile and go beyond just recruiting support. 

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The Kandidate Solution

Within six months, Kandidate sourced and placed many quality candidates into their customer success and sales teams. By promoting their high-growth culture and long runaway, we were successful in recruiting the best talent in the market. Not only that, but we also helped them with their ATS and Employer Branding. 

The average time per hire for the roles was 16.16 days. Given the current market condition for Sales and Marketing talent, we consider it a great success! 

The Result

We worked with Jiminny from January to July 2022 to recruit candidates for their UK office. Within the seven months, Kandidate placed the following roles:

  • Business Development Representatives x 4
  • Customer Success Managers x 4
  • NB AEs
  • Finance Manager 
  • Revenue Operations Manager
  • Marketing (Demand Generation and Events)
  • Head of Sales

Placing over 10+ roles within the seven months, Jiminny reduced agency fees by over £100k+. In addition, Kandidate worked on establishing and enhancing the Applicant Tracking System at Jiminny. We also worked on the talent function, some key ‘People’ matters, and Employer Branding.