Kairos Aerospace Save £40,000 With a Kandidate Sourcer

Hi Alex and Kandidate team, I want to continue to commend you for the impeccable job you all are doing. Alex, if you all need me to write a review for you somewhere, please let me know. I’d be more than happy to do it. As someone who has owned their own recruiting agency, I have to hand it to you Alex, you’ve built one hell of an impressive company and I get why Amanda Gregg was so quick to refer you.

Just wanted to let everyone know that Arielle is about to extend 2 offers and over the course of the next month or so she’s gonna end up with 6 or more hires. The team loves her and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of her work or how easy she is to work with. We’re so incredibly grateful for her, just like Mesi.

Both women are highly professional, incredibly nice, reliable, etc. They just make my life so much easier. Thank you. Even with Covid Mesi was willing to put together a list for me of the folks who had responded to her so I could reach out to them. Then Elena reached out to me with a proposed solution before I even had a chance to reach out to her. You all are so on top of things! Tons of gratitude from this direction.

- Jen Sager, Director of People - Kairos Aerospace

January 2022

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9 months (ongoing)

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About Kairos Aerospace

Based in Mountain View, California, Kairos Aerospace combines data science with high-tech aerospace solutions to provide large-scale aerial monitoring services of methane emissions. The company was founded in 2014 and recently got its Series C-1 funding of $26 million. With a mission to improve the efficiency of the oil and gas industry through a cost-effective solution, Kairos has ambitious growth targets for 2022. 

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The Challenge

At the start of our collaboration in September 2021, Kairos had only one recruiter. The recruiter managed everything from sourcing candidates to onboarding the successful candidates. For a scaleup in a cutting-edge space like Kairos, it was challenging. 

It meant that they were not building talent pipelines for roles in advance, resulting in too low a candidate flow and lengthy time to hire. Candidates were sourced on-the-spot after announcing the vacancies.

Working with Kairos meant that our Embedded Sourcing Partner not only had to source candidates, but also had to assist the internal recruiters with other activities also, including cleaning up their ATS, research, and recommending the best recruitment tools that get the job done.

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The Kandidate Solution

With our embedded approach, we were able to improve the overall quality of hires at the company to a greater extent. Before our collaboration, the company only relied on applicants and referrals – meaning that no passive candidates were approached. 

Our ESP not only built the talent pipelines for job openings in advance but also ensured that Kairos targets the passive talent while sourcing. In a broader perspective, we also helped the company build Employer Branding by putting them on the radar of in-demand candidates. 

The Result

During our collaboration, the client has filled 17 positions. During our engagement (which is still ongoing), we have worked on the following roles: 

  1. DevOps Engineer
  2. Flight Systems Software Engineer (former Software Engineer, Hardware Systems)
  3. Senior Generalist Software Engineer with Python
  4. ESG Data Analyst
  5. IT Manager
  6. Hardware Integration Engineer
  7. Operations Engineer
  8. Technical recruiter
  9. Director of People (HR)
  10. Customer Success Manager
  11. Marketing and Communications Manager
  12. Flight Operations Support Manager
  13. Manager/Bookkeeper (Mountain View and later El Salvador)
  14. International Operations Lead 
  15. Field Operations Support Engineer
  16. (Technical) Product Manager 
  17. (Python) Software Engineer 
  18. Ops IT Infrastructure Eng
  19. International Ops Engineer
  20. Engineering Manager
  21. Staff Software Engineer
  22. Senior IT Manager (Hired)
  23. Technical Product Manager (Hired)
  24. Technical Recruiter (Hired)

For each of these roles, we sourced an average of 150 to 200 candidates. Our ESP also assisted them in managing their ATS, recruiting process optimisation, and organising Recruiting Team Sessions to brainstorm ideas.