Kandidate Help Frontier Make a Key Hire, Quickly

“You’ve been super great and made a massive difference. All the best and hope to work together again soon when we pick hiring back up.”

- Elliot O'Connor, Founder & CEO at Frontier

August 2022

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Number of Hires



90 days

Average Time to Hire

28 days

Money Saved


About Frontier

Backed by the founders and backers of Uber and Airbnb, Frontier Jobs is an online hiring platform that connects businesses with qualified candidates. With sourcing and workflow automation, Frontier offers an efficient way to fill roles quickly. It is a fast-growing company with over $2.8 million in seed funding and a recent investment of $13 million from NFX. With a mission to equip job seekers and employers with the tech to quickly find each other – Frontier has ambitious growth targets to hit in 2022. 

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The Challenge

Frontier operates in one of the most complex industries of our time – recruiting. They started their operations after the pandemic – and the crisis in the labor market could become a roadblock for their existing talent function. On top of that, the lack of an internal recruitment function posed a more severe challenge for Frontier. 

In addition, the open roles at Frontier were hybrid – making the sourcing more challenging. Due to a non-existent recruitment function and a list of undefined openings – finding suitable candidates for Frontier required us to go an extra mile. 

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The Kandidate Solution

With our embedded approach, we managed to source 216-781 candidates for each vacancy. To get this number of candidates in the company, we communicated their recent funding round from NFX, backed by the former SVP of product at Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

In addition to this there was a hiring halt during the engagement. And since our sourcers remained in constant communication with the candidates, we managed to maintain candidate interest and maintain rapport despite the hiring freeze.

The Result

Due to our fixed pricing model for embedded sourcers Frontier were able to cut back on the 20% agency fees. By the end of our collaboration, Frontier was able to make one hire despite the hiring halt. During these three months, we worked on the following roles: 

  • Head of Staff (Delivery Operations Manager) – hired.
  • Program Manager/Staffing Manager
  • Recruitment Manager
  • Head of Supply

Finally, Frontier not only hired for one of its key roles but had a better idea of expected salaries in the European and US markets. They can use this information to adjust their benefits accordingly and attract the best talent to work for them.