MessageBird Make 5 Key Technical Hires With Kandidate

“I had the pleasure of working with Nadja during her time at MessageBird. Despite not having a lot of experience in tech hiring when she joined the team, she quickly demonstrated a remarkable ability to learn and grow in her role. Nadja consistently pushed herself outside of her comfort zone (especially interacting with company leadership), and her proactive and curious nature allowed her to make valuable contributions to the team. Even when faced with limited information, she was able to make thoughtful decisions and move the team forward. 

Her ability to interact effectively in a challenging team environment was particularly impressive. She was able to build strong relationships with her colleagues and consistently demonstrated strong communication skills. Nadja was invaluable to our team and I highly recommend her for any future opportunities. An exceptional individual with a promising future ahead!”

- WP Strauss, Technical Recruitment Team Lead

November 2022

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Number of Hires



6 months

Average Time to Hire

45 days

Money Saved


About MessageBird

MessageBird is a cloud communications platform that enables businesses to engage with their customers via SMS, Voice, and Chat APIs. Founded in 2011 by Robert Vis, MessageBird aims to simplify global communications and make it easier for businesses to connect with their customers anywhere in the world.

With its user-friendly interface and robust infrastructure, MessageBird offers a suite of communication tools that can be easily integrated into a business’s existing applications, software, or website. The platform supports messaging, voice, and chat, allowing businesses to communicate with their customers through their preferred channels.

As of April 2023, MessageBird has over 500 employees and is headquartered in Amsterdam, with additional offices in San Francisco, London, Hamburg, Sydney, Singapore, and Shanghai. The company has raised a total of $1.3 billion in funding across several rounds, with its most recent Series C funding round in November 2021 raising $800 million. The company’s lead investors include Spark Capital, Accel, Bonnier, and Atomico.

With its global reach, user-friendly interface, and robust infrastructure, the platform is an ideal solution for businesses looking to connect with their customers no matter where they are located. Additionally, with its significant funding and impressive headcount, MessageBird is well-positioned to continue its growth and expansion in the years to come, and that is why they decided to engage Kandidate.

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The Challenge

MessageBird had built a great talent base to build on, however there were some initial challenges to overcome. First off, there were no salary ranges for the role, so we had to determine a competitive remuneration package that would be both appealing to top-tier talent, whilst also being fantastic value for MessageBird.

Additionally there was some hiring manager training required. Prior to this training Hiring Managers would often not submit feedback for people they’ve interviewed contributing to a less transparent and efficient hiring function.

Additionally they were not calibrated on the ideal profiles and what hires should look like which, if left unaddressed, would lead to interviewing candidates not ideally suited for the problems they would be solving. Additionally there was no bespoke sourcing flow and no documentation regarding their sourcing of candidates.

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The Kandidate Solution

Upon joining MessageBird we implemented a sourcing flow with their Head of Talent, ensuing there was transparency across the entire sourcing function. We also aligned with the Head of Talent and hiring managers on ‘what good looks like’ for each of the roles they were looking to fill.

The Result

During our time with MessageBird we helped save them at least $20,000 in equivalent fees, and successfully hired:

  • Senior Node.js Developer
  • 2x Mid level node.js developers
  • Embedded Engineer
  • Senior Embedded Engineer

In addition we implemented a new ‘sourcing process flow’ which is still implemented by MessageBird to this day, as well as worked on a ‘passive attraction program’ with the MessageBird talent team.