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Proof of Concept

Daily way of working

Day 1 estimated time invested by you approx 75 mins

Briefing call (early morning, 45 mins)

Meeting with Sourcing Partner & Team Lead in the morning on 1 or 2 positions.


Your Sourcing Partner will conduct competitor mapping, research the candidate market and do a deep dive into positions & requirements.

Number of people in pipeline

Effective hiring is all about high quality candidate profiles. It’s not a numbers game. However, we do find it important to give you clarity on what the pipeline will look like after the 2-day Proof of Concept. Hence, we will communicate with you a range: 20 - 30, 30 - 40 or 40 - 50 candidates per position.

Pipeline building

The Sourcing Partner will source for another 5hrs using advanced searching methods, resulting in 20 - 50 candidates (according to the range mentioned earlier).


We would kindly like to ask you to provide your feedback on the calibration list within 1 hour.


Within 2 hours your Sourcing Partner will send you a calibration list of 5 candidates for this role and the estimated range of candidates in pipeline.

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Day 2 estimated time invested by you approx 60 mins

Catch-up call (morning, 15 mins)

To get the best results, we would suggest a brief meeting in the morning so that you can provide your feedback on the candidate profiles.

Pipeline building

The Sourcing Partner will continue building the high-quality pipeline.

Email addresses

On the next day, the Sourcing Partner will find the personal email addresses of these candidates, enabling you to reach out to 20 - 50 candidates.

Handover & evaluation call (end of afternoon, 30 mins)

During this call, we will hand over the candidate pipeline to you and discuss any actions that are needed from your side. Furthermore, it would be great to get your honest feedback on the Proof of Concept. The Sourcing Partner, Team Lead, and James (Head of Sales) or Gaby (GM) will be present during this call.

Objective & deliverable

The objective of the Proof of Concept is to give you insight in how high quality pipelines can get you results. The deliverable of the Proof of Concept is a list of qualified candidates for one or two positions.

Not included – As it is a 2-day engagement, the personalized outreach is not part of the Proof of Concept. Furthermore, aligning on the metrics mentioned above is only part of a longer-term engagement.

If you choose to continue working with us, you can benefit from the personalized outreach strategies, bookings made for screenings and alignment on metrics to get you the best results.