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Support Your Talent Team With a Sourcer

We are Kandidate – We Help Talent Teams at Scale-ups, Hire Fast

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Average client savings of
£152,000 in Q1 2022

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Trusted by 100s Startups and Scaleups

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What is an

Embedded Sourcing Partner?

An Embedded Sourcing Partner will plugin to your existing talent team building deep talent pipelines with qualified and engaged candidates.

A Kandidate sourcer will source 150+ candidates per role, giving your talent team an extra 50-70% more time to focus on engaging, interviewing, and making offers.

Sourcing is particularly effective for engineering hires as our sourcers use advanced boolean, X Ray Search, social search and databases such as Github, Amazing Hiring and Seek Out (at no extra cost) to uncover otherwise unreachable talent.

“I want to continue to commend you for the impeccable job you all are doing. As someone who has owned their own recruiting agency, I have to hand it to you, you’ve built one hell of an impressive company.”

-Jen Sager, Director of People
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Weekly Report

This is real data from a weekly report that you get each week which shows sourcing volume and messaging stats.
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Kandidate is built to help Startups grow at light speed

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Startup Clients

Working in Fintech, Aerospace, SaaS, AI, Data & more

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We work with top tier VCs and their portfolio companies.

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Talent & Sourcing Partners

We have hundreds of Sourcing and Talent Partners ready to help you scale your team

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Why work with an

Sourcing Talent Partner?

An Embedded Sourcing Partner will help you hit your hiring goals without needing to rely on external Recruitment Agencies. Our fixed cost solution has saved our clients, on average, over £150,000 in unwanted agency fees per agreement.

All Kandidate Sourcers work with your existing ATS, and provide detailed weekly reports, providing full transparency into the progress on your roles. Working with a Sourcing Partner allows you to take back control over how your brand is represented to candidates, and ensure you maintain a strong employer brand in the marketplace.

As a Kandidate Sourcing Partner works internally with you, they have a far better understanding of the Hiring Manager’s needs as well as cultural fit. Kandidate Sourcers are experts in alternative communities and platforms so can find and engage the top 10% of candidates most others can’t.

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Sourcing on tech & social platforms for high quality profiles

Stack Overflow
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Success Stories

Discover how we helped Orbus Software Hire 30 new team members and reduce agency fees by over £200,000 in only 8 months

ESP Metrics

Approved candidate profiles 80 - 100%

Response rate 25 - 70%

Screening calls per position 5 - 10

Embedded Sourcing Partner
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Why Your Batman (Internal Recruiter) Needs a Robin (a Sourcer)

Many Founders and Heads of Talent believe their Batman (Internal Recruiter) doesn’t need Robin (a Sourcer). In reality, this isn’t the case. Sourcing is about enabling and supporting your Recruiters so they can do what they do best.

Sourcers fill their talent pipelines with qualified, quality candidates, so your Recruiter can focus on booking more screening calls, arranging more interviews, and making more offers. Read more below:

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Find out more about an Embedded Sourcing Partner

Read more below about how Embedded Sourcers are fast becoming a talent team’s secret weapon in the battle for startup talent.

Why Kandidate?

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Kandidate Sourcers are the best Sourcers in the startup and scale-up space, as all Kandidate Sourcing Partners have undergone training via the Kandidate Academy and are trained in The Kandidate Way.

We provide flexible solutions that allow you to increase and decrease your support depending on your hiring needs. There is no minimum number of Sourcing Partners that you need to hire, and we are able to increase your support with additional Sourcers if you require.

Kandidate Sourcing Partners can work across all roles, regardless of seniority. Sourcing works particularly well for Engineering roles as they are fully trained in using alternative sourcing methods, including engineering communities and alternative platforms, able to find and engage the top 10% of passive candidates in the market.

We have saved over £150,000 on average in unwanted agency fees for our past clients in Q1 2022. Read our case studies to find out more about how we have helped other rapidly scaling companies hit their hiring targets whilst reducing their recruitment costs.