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Most of the roles we work with are onsite. That said, many of our startups are remote friendly and offer flexible working options.

Currently, most of the roles at Kandidate are full-time, so we’re best suited to match candidates who are looking for permanent employment.

This depends on your profile, preferences, salary expectations and demand for talent at the given time.

Candidates with 1-7 years of experience in commercial roles at startups or tech firms or most likely to receive interview offers. Candidates with 1-3 years of experience in strategy consulting or investment banking are also likely to receive offers.

We take candidate privacy seriously, 98% of Kandidate candidates are currently employed.
By default, your profile will not be shared with anyone unless you have received a job match and have indicated an interest in that company specifically. When signing up, you will also have the option of setting up a public profile. Even with a public profile, your profile can only be viewed by manually pre-vetted companies in our network.

In order to effectively match you with roles, we’ll need to know what you have done up till this point of your career and more importantly what you’d like to do next. As such, our sign-up form will ask you about your background and experience, as well as job, location and salary preferences.

Five to ten minutes. We’ve put quite a bit of time into making our sign-up process as pain-free and easy as possible. This includes using multiple-choice questions wherever possible, as well as making easy for you to sign up on your phone.
Our sign-up form will also ‘learn’ your profile as you answer the first few questions, and will accordingly automatically cut off questions you don’t need to answer. Pretty smart, right? Try it out for yourself!

Kandidate works exclusively on commercial, non-technical roles for startups. Think Sales jobs, Marketing jobs, Operations jobs and Account Management jobs from Junior to Executive level. The majority of our roles sit within the 1-7 years of experience range.

Currently, we are best suited for candidates with two different backgrounds: those experienced in working at startups or larger tech firms, and those with no more than five years of experience from strategy consulting or investment banking.

Our startups require candidates to be able to work in the UK without sponsorship.

We partner exclusively with VC-backed startups — from earlier-stage startups that have raised the first investment round and headcount of ~5 to growth-stage firms like Uber and TransferWise. On occasion, we also work with accelerators, incubators and VC firms.
We are strict about our criteria and manually pre-vet companies before letting them hire through Kandidate.

1. Over 50% of Kandidate candidate members secure an interview within 7 days of expressing interest in a particular job or company, which is considerably faster than with any job board. This is because companies trust the quality of candidates coming from Kandidate more than job board applications.

2. The job discovery experience is much smoother and efficient with Kandidate than on job boards. Our team handpicks high-relevance jobs for you based on your background, experience and preferences. Once we’ve identified a role which we think you’d be interested in, we’ll send an email interview invite that you can click ‘accept’ or ‘decline’. Apply once to Kandidate and you will never have to crawl through job board search results, or manually submit a job application again.

3. Unlike job boards, we only get paid by the company if a Kandidate candidate member gets hired. Cliche as it may be – but we only succeed when you succeed.

Kandidate is a curated talent matching platform, as opposed to an agency. Here are some key differences:

1. We offer complete transparency and provide job, company and salary details upfront. We don’t hide information from candidates or try to trick you into interviewing for a subpar role.

2. We have a wider network of partnering startups than agencies, meaning you have a higher chance of getting matched with a job through Kandidate. This is because we charge 2-3x less than agencies do and therefore attract startups that do not typically work with agencies.

3. We believe recruitment is about matching, not selling. We don’t employ any salespeople and never cold call. Instead, we use machine and human intelligence to identify high relevance job matches for our candidate members with 65% accuracy. What this means is that nearly 7 out of 10 interview invites we send out to candidates are accepted.


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