Recruitment needs to change

Scrambling to fill roles reactively can be a gamble – the quickest recruiter to find the best fit candidate wins. All too often, a short-term scramble means long-term success is sacrificed.  

We believe there’s a better way.

At Kandidate, we’ve identified and built relationships with the best candidates in their field, most of whom aren’t actively seeking new positions. We've gotten to know their skills and career objectives so that when startups have a role in Sales, Marketing or Engineering, we can tap into our unique talent pool, on-demand.

Instead of interviewing a flurry of candidates, pestered and hustled by recruiters, we only put people forward when there’s a match between a startup's needs and the candidate’s skills and career objectives.

Why work with us

Find top talent - our candidates are screened and scored

Save time - we shortlist talent suited to your needs

Understand intent - we relay candidates' salary aspirations and what they want out of the role


Roles we cover:


  • Field sales
  • Business development
  • Head of sales
  • Customer success
  • Inside sales


  • Product managers
  • UX
  • DevOps
  • Full stack developers


  • Growth hackers
  • Acquisition marketing
  • Digital marketing managers

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