Why do leading Founders and VC’s use Kandidate over other recruitment agencies?

Our token model delivers a shortlist of 5 candidates in two weeks, saves you thousands (50% versus agencies), every single time.

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What is a Talent Specialist?

A Talent Specialist is a recruiter who specialises in a specific vertical, meaning they have the deep expertise and candidate network to find you the best candidates in the market.

“I want to continue to commend you for the impeccable job you all are doing. As someone who has owned their own recruiting agency, I have to hand it to you, you’ve built one hell of an impressive company.”

-Jen Sager, Director of People
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Talent Specialist

Talent Specialist

The Result

4 reasons you should be working with a Talent Specialist

Reason 1: Hire Better Talent

Talent Specialists have deep domain expertise allowing them to provide a farr deeper screening process than most recruiters. And because they are supported by a Sourcing Partner they can both source and screen better candidates for interview.

Reason 2: Scale Your Team, Quickly

We work on two week hiring sprints and aim to deliver a five candidate shortlist in two weeks. A Talent Specialist is the perfect solution to scaling your headcount. You can scale up your hiring immediately without having to hire more Internal Recruiters, and the Talent Specialist’s broad candidate network allows them to provide top tier talent incredibly quickly.

Reason 3: Be Data-Driven

Unlike most recruiters where you have little-to-no insight into their activity or progress, Talent Specialists provide weekly data-driven reports (George Lamburn add screenshot of report) including the number of candidates contacted, screened, and provided for interview that week.

Reason 4: Reduce Hiring Costs

The flat fee token model ensures that you save money on every single hire you make. And because an unused token rolls over onto a new hire, you’re guaranteed to both save money, and hire an incredible candidate, every single time.


Your token will roll over into your next live vacancy, and either the same Talent Specialist, or  a Specialist in a different vertical, will continue working for you until you hire an incredible candidate.

By committing to us, we are able to commit to you. This means we can dedicate the time and resources to make sure we get you results. And by results, we mean hire an incredible candidate at a fraction of what you would pay a typical recruiter.

No. Whilst it may appear on the one hand that reducing our charges per hire might be counterintuitive, by working on a token basis allows us to dedicate ourselves to getting you results, significantly increasing the probability that we make a placement.